Sunday, July 24, 2011

Iranian-American Judge Presides Over Pact With Sodom in New York City

I'm so bored

Editor: Just look at the bored expression on Judge Sabrina Kraus' face. Is she Catholic? If so, she shouldn't be going to Communion. Check out the NYTs fawning article, "after a long wait". What's the difference anyway? It's just a piece of paper, no? Anyhow, most of them will be divorced by next year any way after complications from financial arrangements and the sheer ridiculousness of their position becomes too much to bear.

Of course, Sabrina Kraus is of Iranian ethnicity and belongs to the Jewish Lawyers Association, so the local ordinary is unlikely to have anything to do with that.

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Red Pill... said...

Well, Judge Sabrina B. Kraus - can't make any judgements regarding whats right or wrong, she is a fraud. Extremely dishonest - and she ruins lives every day in Manhattan Housing Court. I'm just glad that she is contained in an area of law that does not have control over peoples freedom. What a botfly.