Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A German Parish in the Archdiocese of Freiburg Goes into Schism

Edit: There have bee earlier suggestions of Schism in the German speaking areas denied by Cardinal Kasper. Despite denials, the ever reliable Vaticanista Tornielli who aired these suspicions last Month is seemingly being proven correct. First these rumours, then the priest revolt in Vienna against Cardinal Schönborn, and then this even, are coming to a head to perhaps realize something which has been a de facto schism all along.

"Ecumenical Parish of St. Peter in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Freiburg" declared their new self-designation as a formerly Catholic Parish. It declared that the "unspeakable division of Christianity" is "at an end for us".

Bruchsal (kath.net) A Roman Catholic Parish in the Archdiocese of Freiburg will declare publicly that it does not want to be Roman Catholic any longer. The "unspeakable division of Christianity" explained the Pastoral Council of St. Peter in Bruchsal is "at an end for us". The Community which has been, till now, Catholic, will describe itself as the "Ecumenical Parish of St. Peter in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Freiburg".

Furthermore the Pastoral Council of St. Peter invites especially those in opposition, therefore especially in hospitable confessional outreach to the "table of the Lord", where Jesus Christ keeps no one out, who is his neighbor: "We declare this mutual hospitality certainly", it says on the Website.

By means of classifying a synodal structure of the Church as "early Church" the Church Council accords a rejection of the constitution of the Church: "We recognize the synodal structure of the Old Church and expect our Church leadership to recall this early Church Tradition."

The community insists, continues the Pastoral Council still further, "unlimited by tradition and every spirituality of our Community", they recognize "the diversity of Christian life in united differentiation." Thereto they know the "will of Jesus Christ, that all be one", is a stronger obligation than all "theological and political convictions and questions".

The Parish Priest, Jörg Sieger, has not publicly distanced himself from the declaration of his Pastoral Committee at this time.

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Dan said...

"The unspeakable division of Christianity is at an end for us!" Thus spake the Pastoral Council of St Peter.

I wonder if this pastoral council realizes how funny that statement is, coming from a group that wants to break away from the Catholic Church. Their sense of irony must be a bit on the dull side.

Suggesion to their Bishop: try to get them to understand the historical patrimony of the one, true Church, and if that doesn't convince them to return to full Communion let them go their own way and good riddance. But don't let them steal the Church away from its rightful owners, the Catholic faithful.

Anonymous said...

So this parish is going to have an "early church" tradition. One looks forward to seeing the women with covering of their heads and, of course, keeping silent in the assembly. Fasting will no doubt figure prominently, as in the early church. Their dress will be edifying: no shorts, no bare arms, no visible bosoms. Communications will be difficult as they rip out the computers and televisions and do not use any kind of phone. Most of all I hope they adopt the early church tradition of embracing martyrdom rather than give up the least of the teachings of Our Blessed Lord.

Anonymous said...

In Canada the returning Anglicans (to Rome) are not being allowed to 'take' or retain the church buildings /property. What about the dissidents (from Catholicism) in Freiburg?