Sunday, July 3, 2011

Berlin's Mayor: "Gays" and Protestants are "Committed Allies"

Editor: How much more evidence do Protestants need in order to understand that this five hundred year experiment with Liberalism has been a failure?
Comrade Wowerweit

For honorable Protestants, who are still gathered in Germany, the time has come to become Catholics.

( On the 24th of June the Berlin mayor, Comrade Klaus Wowerweit, will spread homosexual propaganda in the Lutheran Marian Church.

The occasion was for a march of homosexuals in the German Capital City.

Wowerweit is himself suffering from the condition of homosexuality.

According to reports from the Evangelical Portal '' the so called "Evangelical Church' of Germany is in his official estimation described as "committed ally" of the sin of Sodom.

The Godless event will include Kirchenkreis Berlin-Statdtmitte [Church Circuit in Berlin Central] and the militant anti-Christian Lesbian and Gay Association of Germany.

The official German Protestants have officially betrayed Christendom last November.

Since then, they promote the Homosexual Ideology.

The synod of the so-called 'Evangelical Church in Germany' have concluded unanimously to place the sin of Sodom on the same level as marriage.

The Sin of Sodom as a Gift from God

The - only on paper existing -- Berlin Protestants bless homosexual partnerships -- although Martin Luther († 1546)rejected the Nuptial Mass and regarded Marriage as a merely "secular thing".

This demonstrates that this Protestantic homosexual ceremony is only a propaganda affair for the normalization of homosexuality.

The superintendant of the Church Circuit in Central Berlin, Bertold Höcker, is according to '' an indisputable supporter of the homosexual mayor of Berlin.

Höcker was also present at the Godless event.

He pled during this for the sin of Sodom to be conceived as a "gift of God".

The site '' also informs that the national bishop of the so-called Evangelical Church in Bavaria, Johannes Friederich, is a hardened homo-ideologue.

Feeble Opposition

The Protestant response to those who support the normalization of homosexuality is feeble.

According to reports of '' the Evangelical Church in Baden has decided not to participate with the homosexual-disorder in the march with the 'Evangelical Church in Germany'.

A decision of the Church of Wurttemburg is still unavailable.

Even in Bavaria there is some opposition.

It is however only a question of time, till sodomy thoroughly infests these districts.

It serves for the separation of extremists

A proper disposition was undertaken by the 'Lutheran Evangelical Circle Church Section.'

The Stuttgart Church Council Hans Lachenmann (83) is a member of the 'Initiative Circle'.

He maintains: "The divine image will be damaged by the confusion between the female vagina with the male rectum."

And: "That one is an organ for the wonder of new life, and the other one serves as the elimination of excrement."

In order to come to this understand, one needn't await the most recent adjudication -- he answered to an objection to the Berlin Homosexual Ideologue Höcker.

The Germany wide oriented 'Lutheran Church Profile' became public in January of 2011.

Note from Wikipedia: The Evangelical Church of Germany (German: Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland, abbreviated EKD) is a federation of 22 Lutheran, Reformed (Calvinist) and United (Lutheran plus Calvinist) Protestant regional church bodies in Germany. The EKD is not a church in a theological understanding because of the denominational differences. However, the member churches (Gliedkirchen) share full pulpit and altar fellowship. The EKD has a membership of 24.832 million parishioners or 30.2% of the German population (status 31.12.2007).[2] Membership rates fell in 2008 to 24.515 million parishioners or 29.9% by the end of 2008.[3]

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Dan said...

I was fascinated by the phrase "feeble opposition" in describing the reactions of some Protestants to this outrage, because that term, "feeble opposition" exactly describes the response of most Catholic Bishops in the face of these "pride" parades and festivals of sodomy.

Here in Milwaukee we are reliably informed that during this incredible display of public perversion last month our Bishop, Jerome Listecki, was, as far as we know, completely silent. No public denunciation was issued from the Chancery, no reminders that these people are living in the foulest state of mortal sin, no protest, no nothing.

Silence is supposed to imply consent. I'm not sure I would go as far as to suggest that Bishop Listecki consented to this public buggery, but I would say that his silence denotes cowardice. Yes, he would face a media lynching if he would stand up to the queers. That goes without saying. But he would also stir up the dormat Catholic blood, too, and his courage would inspire others to be courageous.

But we were given nothing but a deafening silence instead. Why are we saddled with such men?