Saturday, July 16, 2011

Assault on Altar in Irish Republic Continues: Sacrament of Confession

Presidential Candidate David Norris: A True Irish Republican in Every Sense
Editor:  They don't mind taking seriously men like David Norris, who are not only advocates for homosexual depravity, but he actually supports pederasty,  and it's hardly surprising since the politician campaigned successfully to abolish the law that jailed child predator Oscar Wilde and the libertine and anti-Clerical James Joyce.  But the double standard is in full play here.  Entertainment and political figures, like Roman Polanski, Micheal Jackson or Peter Yarrow or France's Minister of Culture, Frederick Mitterand, get a get out of jail free card while the Catholic Church's property,  personnel and liberties are under persistent attack.

Meanwhile, the assault on Ireland continues as the Republic sheds crocodile tears over the "problem" of clerical sex-abuse.

Let us remind you that this has been done before in Nazi Germany, Revolutionary France and the Soviet Union.  It's going on in the United States and Communist China.  Of course, there are many interests involved, but fifth columnists within the Church's walls are playing this crisis for all it's worth.  If the Bishops were as adamant at defending Catholic Orthodoxy as they are defending socialist agendas, they might have an easier time maintaining credibility.  Instead, like the homosexual enabling Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, they collaborate on the abuse issue rather than treat the accusations for what they're worth.  They refuse to challenge them, but use them as a means to promote more liberalism, sex-education and political correctness.

The abuse-hysteria has even aroused outcries for the recall of the Vatican Ambassador.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said the government will not exempt priests from reporting evidence of child abuse obtained in the confessional, under a strengthened legislation, reports the Irish Times.

But the reports that the Church is expected to counter any effort to break the traditional seal of the confession box.

Ian Elliott, the CEO of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church, said he welcomed the tough new legislative package announced by Justice Minister Alan Shatter in the wake of the publication of the Cloyne Report. But Mr Elliott said he saw no justification for breaking the confessional seal, which is known as sacredotal privilege.

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