Sunday, June 26, 2011

SSPX in Santa Fé de Bogotá on Corpus Christi

Christ the King

[Colombia] Santa Fé de Bogotá is the capital of Colombia.  This is the SSPX priory of  Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in downtown district Teusaquillo in central Bogotá, which numbers around  120.  This is their Corpus Christi Procession being led by an Argentine priest, Father Ferdinand Altamira.  There were numerous processions throughout Colombia. It was celebrated today at Noon.

Father Ferdinand Altamira

Not only was police protection provided, but the local constabulary with their impressive Prussian kit provided solemn music as well.

Long Live Colombia
God Save America

H/tL Gruppenführer MvK


Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful to see the Corpus Christi procession in Santa fe de Bogota. Thanks to the XXPS, and the devotion of the Colombian people.

Michel said...

It's beautiful to see all this here.The whole procession is really great.
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Unknown said...

I would like to contact the church how can I dial from USA

Tancred said...

Try the South American District

Tel.:+54 (11) 4792-1556
Fax: +54 (11) 4798-7193