Monday, June 13, 2011

Conservative Anglican Bishops Weighing Against the Crashing Waves

Editor: To mix and match some metaphors, like King Canute,  a tiny band of Bishops are trying to shout against the crashing sea, or to right the sinking ship of the overwhelmingly trendy Anglican Communion in Canada. Isn't this like closing the gate after the cows have escaped? They should put a sign up on the chamber doors as you enter this viper brood,  "abandon all hope ye who enter".
Six conservative bishops have banded together in the hope of influencing the overwhelmingly liberal House of Bishops in the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC). The six have pledged to observe with “gracious restraint” the three-fold moratoria of the Windsor Report.

Although the six have been dubbed “gracious restraint bishops,” there is no official name for their association. Nor is it formally related with a similar American group, Communion Partners.
The group includes three relatively new bishops — the Rt. Revs. Stephen Andrews (Algoma), Michael Hawkins (Saskatchewan) and Fraser Lawton (Athabasca) — and three longtime bishops: William Anderson (Caledonia), Andrew Atagotaaluk (Arctic) and Larry Robertson (Yukon). At the April meeting of the House of Bishops they declared:

“We are pleased to announce the establishment of an association of bishops in the Anglican Church of Canada who are committed to a policy of ‘gracious restraint,’ embodied in observing the three-fold moratoria as enjoined by the Windsor Report. Between ourselves we agree to observe the discipline of the Windsor moratoria until such time as there is clarity in the Communion about the final status of the Anglican Covenant and our mutual obligations.”

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