Monday, June 13, 2011

Church of Scotland Continues to Disintegrate and Cooperates Evils of the World

Editor: The Church of Scotland began its downward spiral when it separated from the Catholic Church in the Protestant Revolt. The only place which a congregation of orthodox Christians may meet in unity with other Christians is in the Church of Rome. Strange to say, despite having some of the worst Bishops in the world, Scotland's Catholic Church is now larger than the increasingly moribund Presbyterians. This from Virtue Online:


by Julian Mann
Special to Virtueonline
June 13, 2011

St George's Tron in Glasgow is a thriving Church of Scotland congregation. It is financially viable, it has young people and it is serving its local community. It is also a church where anyone struggling with homosexual issues would find love, understanding and biblical clarity.

Like the Church of England, its sister church by law established, the Church of Scotland is an aging denomination facing financial and numerical meltdown. In a recent article in the Church of England Newspaper, church statistician Dr Peter Brierley predicted that the Church of Scotland will have halved in numbers by 2015 to 280,000 members, down from 560,000 in 2005.

St George's Tron is bucking the trend. But the decision by the Church of Scotland General Assembly to endorse same-sex relationships, contrary to what St George's believes is the clear teaching of the Holy Scripture, has severely alienated this vibrant church.

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