Monday, June 27, 2011

As the West Continues to Decay and Its Cities Die

Editor:  Minneapolis has no shortage of Leftists who will employ the police to enforce their views on political correctness.  Normally, this lends itself to domestic disputes and the legal system which is heavily weighted to an agenda hostile to the family, poisonous to the children and ultimately destructive of the State and your security as a citizen. Maybe some day, your country will be returned to you, but it's unlikely to be returned, you must take it back yourself.  Point being, the GOP isn't going to stop this slide.

After being surrounded by a pack of Leftists in a heated debte, the police are called in because some of these solid citizens feel threatened.   Mostly fed up, Conservative blogger, John Hugh Gilmore goes to the bar where he's arrested by Minneapolis' finest after he refuses to leave the bar.  He was later booked downtown for "being uncooperative during arrest" and "disorderly conduct".   

Not sure why this is a news story, but the local Leftist art rag loves these kinds of stories where the evil white male is hounded by mindless drones and the People's Militia. 

Interestingly enough, he has legitimately praised Minnesota Senator David Hahn for calling Archbishop Nienstedt a Socialist, which he is.

The people who should have been arrrested were the nattering Left-tards surrounding Mr. Gilmore as he tried to point out the evils of multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism.

At best, he'll get a suspended sentence with community service, unless he gets some Marxist judge who hates white males.

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