Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some News Coverage of David Berger in the Wake of His Dismissal

Now he lies again: "I never once attacked the Church."

Now the homosexual David Berger will enjoy a place in the daily Socialist Media with a place between the cadaver of Osama and the palaver of Obama. Here are some howlers from the Socialist media.
David Berger on his earlier homepage

The notorious liar David Berger

"Berger, says the dpa, that his dismissal is owign to pressure from the extreme conservative forces,  who had sponsored petitions and even encouraged the death penalty for homosexuals.  "That shocked me the most."  He identified, among others, the internet sites '' [yay] and ''.  '' commented on the revocation of the teaching license with the sentence: "Now the homo has what he wants."  Berger challenged the notion in his dpa interview that he had attacked the Catholic Church as such."

 From an article in the Berlin newspaper 'Tagesspiegel'

Still more homosexual lies

"Berger has the corresponding opportunity of specificity in Canon Law of response, and not to address his comments instead to the media.  In contradiction, the theologian said to 'Frankfurter Rundschau', that [Cardinal] Meisner had given him no opportunity,  to address the charges made against him.  The paper reported, [Cardinal] Meisner used the concepts "homosexuality" or "gay" in none of the parts of his decree."

From an article on the website ''

David Berger accused the Pope of being a Sodomite:

"When you talk privately with theologians, they will all tell you that: naturally, Ratzinger is homosexually inclined. He comes from an ecclesiastically stamped culture, in which that is an absolute taboo. What he hates in himself, he projects on others and fights against it."

In any other Company, he'd be let go

"'It is the common impression", said Meisners speaker Christoph Heckley. 'With any other employer that would lead to consequences.  That's like a bank teller publicly saying: 'I'm not so good at calculating, and with settling an account, I'm not always accurate.'"

From an article in ''

A 'Spiegel' -  Lie

"A year ago it was rumored in conservative circles that Berger is homosexual."

From an article in ''.  The Portal '' had already identified Berger as a sodomite in May of Mai 2007,

'We are Underwear' piped up

"The Movement 'We Are Church' sharply criticized Meisner's decision. This is a sad sign of our unholy and increasingly evident homophobia within the Roman Catholic Church, said a statement. In place of this the Church sexuality should offer life giving power even for homosexual people and also accept them within the Church."

From an article by information service 'dapd'

The Socialist Imperium Strikes Back

"'I knew the tribal factionalism, and for that reason this decision came from Cologne as a complete surprise', said the liberal pastor Winfried Jansen: 'In any case no one has any problems with Berger in Erfstadt. But after the publication of his book, where the criticism of the official Church was clear, that something had to happen. The Imperium strikes back now.'"

From an online-article in the daily news 'Kölner Stadtanzeiger.'

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