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Berlin's Homosexual Mayor Wants to Lecture Pope Benedict on "Morality"

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The homosexually disturbed talks of "morality"

Germany. The Berlin Mayor, Comrade Klaus Wowereit (SPD), is hoping for a debate about "social image" and "moral positions" of the Church during the visit from Pope Benedict XVI. This is from the website ''. Each part of of natural law which doesn't meet with his approval, he calls "antiquated". The Catholics therefore should "tidy up". As an example he described the Church's criticism of contraception, which has turned entire lands into elder hostels. The homo-disturbed is also expecting yet "another adjustment" in the Church to sodomy, which according to the testimony of holy writ, cries to heaven for vengeance.

And yet:

All University Professors are Child Molestors

Austria. A -- naturally unnamed -- Graz University Professor (45) has been charged because of child pornography. This is what the anti-Church 'Österreichische Rundfunk' -- which is descended from the National Socialist ‘Reichssender Wien’. The judgement: a limited sentence of four months and 8.000 Euro fine. Since 1999 the perpetrator collected photos of naked children and films of child rapes and saved them on his computer. While on vacation he photographed naked children on the beech. The police found 50.000 child pornographic data matches on his computer. The professor is "presently" suspended.

Coptic Bishop Warns against the Persecution of Christians in Germany

Bishop Damian -- the General of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Germany -- had an interview with the website '.com' in which he warned of a persecution in Germany: "There is a great danger that given the dominance of the influence of Islam in Germany that Christians will be seriously endangered." The suffering of Egyptian Christians could also be the suffering of the Christians in Germany, if German Society does not undergo a substantial change. The party president of the leading Christian-hate-party 'Greens', Comrade Cem Özdemir, is a Muslim.

Old Liberal Bishop Thinks Germany is Progressive

Germany.  The Old Liberal Bishop, Gerard Fürst (62)of Rottenburg-Stuttgart explained to the 'Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung', that married priests aren't just being considered in the Catholic Cosmos of progressive countries like Germany or the USA.

The "progress" described by Msgr Fürst in the aforementioned lands are also imbued with an unprecedented ecclesiastical decadence.

The Cardinal of Berlin has Pneumonia

Germany. The state of the resigned Archibshop of Berlin Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky is very serious. This was reported by the Berlin Diocesan Administrator, Auxiliary Bishop Matthias Heinrich, yesterday. The Cardinal suffers from pneumonia. For that reason he was removed from a rehab facility to the hospital. The Cardinal has gone to the hospital two times since February for stomach operations.

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