Monday, April 4, 2011

Switzerland's Bishop Huonder of Chur Triumphs in Rome

Editor A sign of still more great things to come? After reports in the media, a lot of international support including a Support the Bishop of Chur petition which was circulated widely, the Roman Authorities have ruled in favor of this goodly shepherd fighting against the Church-tax structure of Switzland's Old Liberal Elite.

Like Hitler in His Bunker

The Roman journey of Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur was a triumphal march.  by Maria Huppi.
Old Liberal Papers have fired heavy rounds at Msgr Hunder.

(  Bishop Vitus Hunder's Rome trip in the past week was an explosive success.

Pope Benedict XVI and the involved Curial Prelates stood behind him and encouraged him to forge ahead.

The prayers of thousands of his friends have been heard:  The Bishop will stay.

His enemies did not succeed in leading the Vatican head down the garden path.

The Old Liberal Bishop haters are beside themselves with fury.

They must realize that they are now sitting like Adolf Hitler in his Bunker.

It didn't help them to threaten to leave the Church.

A bleeding of the heterodox Swiss Church-tax system means a strengthening of the Catholic church.

Without money the Old Liberal Church-tax profiteers quickly lose their alleged interest in the Church.

Today the situation is much better than in the 90s.   Then it was possible with the help of John Paul II to topple the Confessor Bishop Wolfgang Haas.

The monopoly on information back then was in the hands of the anti-Church Media.

Also many enemies of the Church back then have retired, died or have left the Church in the meantime.

Additionally the most recent Theologian Pamphlet has brought the Curia and the Pope against the Old Liberals.

From Vatican circles it is to be heard that one works behind the scenes, doing the handiwork of anti-Catholic powers in the Church.

The recently released reform Decree on Philosophy Study is to be seen in connection with this event.

A program is required for the academic year 2012/13 as it has always existed in traditional institutions.

Otherwise it is according to the implementation for the Summorum Pontificum that the Old Mass is required in all Catholic Seminaries for priestly formation.

Now we will learn who is Catholic and who is schismatic.

Joy to the Traditionalist struggle against the Old Liberals.

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