Saturday, April 16, 2011

Here's the List of Bloggers for the Meeting in Rome

Editor: Of course, there's lispers in the loggia, Hilary White, the inimitably orthodox Father Hendrick Jolie, Le Forum Catholique, Paulo Rodari, and the great Sandro Magister. Where's Damian Thompson?

Dear friends,
The following is the list of 150 bloggers invited to attend in person the meeting taking place in via della conciliazione, 5, on Monday 2 May.

Over 750 requests were made and a hard decision-making process had to be put in place to ensure, as much as is possible, a broad representation of the blogosphere. There are some famous bloggers and some new bloggers, some are institutional, others personal, some tell vocational stories and others comment on international news or local issues. Some are well-financed, most are run on a shoestring.

It was touching being involved in your issues, from coping with death, to the joys of parenting, the hopefulness of youth, to fear of change, not to mention the many causes and campaigns promoted, particularly in the new evangelisation. While some pre-choices were made to ensure a diversified presence, for the final selection we simply gave each blogger a number and had someone choose numbers randomly.

I hope those not on the list will not feel excluded. The bloggers present in the Room will surely keep you informed and engaged. They may even organise a livestream. It is also to be hoped that this is just the beginning of a dialogue.

The 150 will receive further indications after Easter, but should note now that we are not covering your expenses – the invitation was always intended for bloggers who would be in Rome for the Beatification.

Selection to attend does not imply Vatican approval of the contents of any of the blogs. Neither does non-selection imply disapproval.

Thanking you for your patience and understanding – this has already been a good learning experience for us.
Richard Rouse


1. Agnieszka Woszczyńska
2. Alberto Piccini:
3. Aldo Padovan
4. Alessandro Gilioli:
5. Alessio Jacona:
6. Alfonsus Widhiwiryawan :
7. Allison Girone
8. Andrea Gagliarducci:
9. Andres Beltramo
10. Angela Ambrogetti:
11. Anna Arco
12. Anna Spatola
13. Antonio González
14. Antonio Spadaro
15. Artur Stopka
16. Bohdan Pankevych
17. Brandon Vogt
18. Carol Glatz
19. Carole Brown
20. Christoph Gstaltmeyr
21. CM Paul
22. Costanza Miriano:
23. D. Catherine Wybourne
24. Daniel Luecking
25. Daniel Pajuelo sm
26. Danielle van Lith
27. David Ratnarajah
28. Dominique Rimaz
29. Dorothy Wolanin
30. Dylan Parry
31. Eberhard Wagner
32. Edmar Araújo
33. Elizabeth Scalia
34. Eloi Aran Sala
35. Eric Le Meur
36. Eva Janosikova
37. Felio Vilarrubias
38. Fr Gerard Dunne OP
39. Francesco Diani: e
40. Francesco Spagnolo:
41. Gabriel Burke
42. Gabriele Niola:
43. Georg Feßlmeier
44. Georg Schimmerl
45. Giorgio Maria Faré
46. Giovanna Maria
47. Guillaume Luyt
48. Hendrick Jolie
49. Hilary White
51. Imrich Gazda
52. Isidorus
53. J.Francisco Jiménez
54. James Bradley
55. James Tucker
56. Jane Mossendew
57. Javier Alba
58. Jens Albers
59. Joan Lewis
60. Johannes Paul Jacob Chavanne
61. Johannes Roger Hanses
62. Jorge Enrique Mújica
63. Jorge H. Luna
64. José Manuel Vidal López
65. Jose María Barrera Murillo
66. Joshua Evangelista:
67. jovens Sem Fronteiras
68. Juan Alejandro
69. Juan José Garcia-Noblejas
70. Julio Gomez Sotero
71. Kathy Schiffer
72. Katrina Ebersole
73. Kelvin Frometa
74. Klaus Peper
75. Leonardo:
76. Lisa Hendey
77. Ljudmila Hribar
78. Loub Gerhard
79. Luca Fabbri:
80. Luca Paolini:
81. Luca Sofri: e
82. Luciano Giustini:
83. Luigi Coronel
84. Luis Badilla Morales:
85. Luis Fernando Pérez Bustamante
86. Mader Isma Kasia Aga
87. Manuela und Stefan Ehrhardt
88. Marco Fioretti:
89. Marco Freccero:
90. Marco Sanavio:
91. Maria Elisabetta Marinoni
92. Marilena Ruah:
93. Mario Aversano
94. Marjeta Pija Cevc
95. Mark Aurel Erszegi
96. Marta Nin
97. Mary O'Regan
98. Marypaz de Mencos
99. Massimiliano Badolati:
100. Massimo Granieri: e
101. Massimo Melica:
102. Matthias Suess
103. Mattia Marasco:
104. Mauricio Viquez
105. Mayra Novelo de Bardo
106. Michael Blume
107. Miguel de la Lastra Montalbán, o.s.a
108. Moreno Migliorati:
109. Mussie Zerai
110. Narda Centeno
111. Néstor Mora
112. P. Fortea
113. Padre Stéphane Jourdain
114. Paolo Benanti:
115. Paolo Benvenuto:
116. Paolo Padrini
117. Paolo Rodari:
118. Pavel Levushkan
119. Pe. Djalma Lúcio Magalhães Tuniz, scj
120. Pedro José González Rodenas
121. Peter Wurm
122. Philomena Ewing
123. Pierre-Baptiste Cordier
124. Ralph Anderl
125. Rocco Palmo
126. Roderick Vonhögen
127. Rodrigo Gurgel
128. Ronald Glaeser Freelance journalist
129. Rosangela Mancusi
130. Rosario Carello:
131. Sandro Magister:
132. Santiago Casanova
133. Sara Carlson
134. Silvio Ottanelli:
135. Simone Chiappetta
136. Simone Sereni:
137. Sjargej Surynovic
138. Stefano Epifani:
139. Steph Abbé
140. Susan Vigilante
141. Susan Windley-Daoust
142. Taylor Marshall
143. Thomas Peters
144. Tim Kelleher
145. Vicente Javier Navas
146. Virginia Bonard
147. Vito Martinez
148. Vittorio Saraceno
149. Wagner Moura
150. Xavier Arnaud
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N.D. said...

I guess the only question is how they defined "Catholic" blog. One can presume if some of the blogs on the list are not in communion with The Catholic Church because they deny one of the elements of The Doctrine of The Catholic Faith, then someone has a lot of explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Great, none of these have I ever even heard of. Until the Vatican can man up to face the real conservative, traditional blogs who have the readers and are exposing the most junk in the Church they might as well be sitting around with these people playing chutes and ladders.