Saturday, April 16, 2011

False Seers are Excommunicated by the Orthodox Church

For decades an Egyptian born swindler misled even Catholics with her false apparitions. Well, her faith community has finally taken care of her.
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( The Greek Orthodox seer, Vassula Ryden has been excommunicated by her community.

This was according to the Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Constantinople.

The decree of excommunicatino of the "General Secretary of the Holy Synod" bears the date of 16 March.

It extends also to her followers in the community "the true light in God" -- under nine priests of the Greek Orthodox Communion.

The Patriarchate was critical that Frau Ryden offended Christian Dogmas. They judged a dangerous spiritual confusion and an vexation of the faithful.

The False Seer Was Divorced

Mrs. Ryden was born to a Greek Family in Egypy. Since the year 1985 she has described herself as a seer.

Her first marriage ended in divorce.

Since 1981 she lived in divorce with her her present boyfriend.

According to her own report she receives daily dictations that last between four and six hours.

In December 1996, the Roman Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith published a clarification reporting that the numerous and "negative aspects and errors" in the writings of Mrs. Ryden.

Her messages were described as private meditations and not supernatural messages.

On 25 January 2007 the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith renewed its judgement.

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Dan said...

I wish the Vatican would be equally decisive in the Medjugorje case. That ridiculous nonsense has been going on for thirty years.

Anonymous said...

its very clear that god, our lord has been using vassula ryeden . in more ways then one ,, how quick mankind is to judge. the lord is the judge and god has the final word the lord is god..also they thought noah was a nut too,, also mosses..also almost every st. at one time or another... she will make some mistakes ..i tell ya truthfully shes no differnt then any other saint...who has to go throw the growing pains of what some people will say.. im sure there are more people she has helped then hurt buy this work .. and has done better in her race ,then the ones trying to spend all there time trying to defame her. when, they them selfs ,have done nothing to help mankind zero, zip...ill ask you as the lord will ask you one day, what have you done for me .. i dont want to be in the same room as that person ,, it better to say nothing at all...if god haddent wanted vassula to do the things that she has done for him and man . god is more then capible to stop that whole race that she has done so well in so far .. i bless ya vassula and thanks for all your help sister .i love ya ill buy all your books.. your brother in christ allways.....also another son of god .with four crowns to my name that god himself crowned me.. and i dident ever have to go public,,, so thanks..keep up the good work