Monday, April 11, 2011

Bishop McCormack's Politicizing in New Hampshire for the Democrats

Of course, the Senator from New Hampshire is blinded by his indignation and frustration at dealing with a man who doesn't care much for rational things, economics or even the religion he's supposed to represent. The Senator has had to apologize. No one's talking about the Bishop's poor record in dealing with the homosexuals under his care who prey on adolescents.  You'd think his moral authority would be pretty much non-existent, but perhaps his collaboration with the abuse-hoax has given him a kind of half-life whereby he holds his office and continues to act as a Democratic Party lapdog. Still, at any rate, it's perhaps salubrious as well as instructive that there are people are threatening to take away the Church's tax-exempt status because Catholic Bishops don't seem to understand or appreciate that the Establishment Clause is a two-way street.

The Catholic Church is responsible to follow certain rules in the United States with respect to its non-exempt status. It can't campaign for various candidates as this is considered a violation with respect to the Establishment Clause which is part of the First Amendment.

Arch. Rembert Weakland

The CDL is in this case glossing over the Senator's insult, which he has apologized for, and neglecting to mention that if the Church shouldn't be campaigning for Republicans, it shouldn't be campaigning against them either.

There have been many occasions, including the Health Care Bill, where AmChurch, particularly the USCCB and leftist Bishops have weighed in favor of various socialist agendas. Remember Cardinal Bernadin's Seamless Garment that gave a blessing to allow allegedly Catholic politicos to vote against the doctrine and interests of the Catholic Church. It was true in the eighties when they were supporting nuclear disarmament and it's true today., and you just know this Bishop is for Obamacare.

Unfortunately, more emphasis will be put on political correctness and no emphasis will be put on the fact that in this case, Bishop McCormack, shouldn't be promoting socialist agendas and wealth confiscation themes. Of course, no one's asking that question.

[From CDL Newsletter]This has been a busy week in the world Catholic bashing.

New Hampshire House Majority Leader David J. Bettencourt called Manchester Bishop John B. McCormack a "pedophile pimp who should have been led away from the State House in handcuffs with a raincoat over his head."

The Catholic League is going after Bettencourt's actions very determinedly. Later news indicates that Bettencourt plans to apologize. Then the Catholic League reports Rep. Andrew Manuse wrote this missive: "I am now considering a bill to remove the Church's tax exempt status in New Hampshire, for you have clearly shown that you no longer want it."

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Unknown said...

Bishop McCormack was Cardinal Law's right hand man, moving dozens of known pedophiles who went on to rape hundreds of young boy in the Catholic church. He should be in jail, but got out on a technicality, which is that the statute of limitations ran out.

He should shut his mouth for the rest of his despicable life.

Tancred said...

Like a lot of American Bishops, he's a professional lowlife. They couldn't have found worse men for these jobs.