Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is Your Church on Modernism. Any Questions?

Editor: People indifferent and lackadaisical about Catholicism. People are leaving the Catholic Church in droves. Why not, people need the truth and many administrators have hijacked Catholic education and turned it inside out. "Truth, what's that," they say.

No interest in the religious life. Religious life can be a tremendous sacrifice. Many exemplaires of religious life, however, seem to be little more than overly comfortable academics and social workers.

This is all part of the auto-destruction of the Church, or "church-sponsored" suicide.

Wow, seventy percent of people don't believe in Real Presence...Wow.

Voris spells it out:


K. Pridmore said...
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Tancred said...

You have two hours to substantiate that claim before I delete it.

K. Pridmore said...

Thank you, Pontious.

Anonymous said...

There even exists a conservative Protestant party which is one with the Church in combating modernism.
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