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Father Jolie Takes German Colleagues to Task

Editor: Father Jolie is head of the German Network of Catholic Priests, which has a wide membership. It supports initiatives coming from Rome, particularly concerning the new translation of the Mass which contains the words "pro multis" for the Consecration. He was also a signatory of the petition which is now being presented to the German Bishops in a room at a Hotel where they are meeting. Never mind that.

Why Celibacy Looks Rigid, Anachronistic and Bizarre.

Father Hendrick Jolie: In sex-crazed Germany priests are viewed with a mixture of consternation and sympathy.

The German battle against celibacy always leads back to the laicization of the country's clergy. This was according to Pastor Hendrick Jolie (47) at the beginning of February in an interview with the Catholic portal ''.

Today a priest in sex-crazed Germany is viewed with a "mixture of consternation and sympathy".

Father Jolie warns that this expression appears to be exaggerated:

"I experience it on location where it happens and I tell it factually firmly and without a trace of self-pity."

The Old Liberals Gentrified

The clergyman maintains that many priests are not convinced of the holiness and value of their station:

"You could recognize that already in the outer manner of many priests."

Most don't want to be "anything special", let people call them "Mr. XY" and lead average lives that can be hardly distinguished from an unmarried single burger bachelor.

Fr. Jolie tallies it off: "Home, car, vacation, free time, television, hobby -- most are into sports or a trendy hobby."

The address "Reverend" is painful to most priests:

"One of my colleagues, who upon seeing, for example, that I wear the soutane, makes a deep bow and insists on taking every opportunity to joke about it."

Just Not Priestly

The worst allegation in priestly circles is calling a colleague "clerical" -- "whatever that might mean".

Today a Catholic priest can be anything: "Homosexual, a masher [lecher], an apostate, a bird of paradise or a fantasy priest, just not: clerical."

Fr. Jolie continued: "Then they are socially complete."

In Liturgy he becomes fawning and takes great pains to avoid all appearance of distance or Sacrality:

"The more human, worldly and -- as people say amongst us -- "more charming" the priest's appearance the more beloved and folksy he is supposed to be."

Not a few priests go on vacation in the most common areas without the daily celebration of the Mass and not bringing priestly clothing.

What Father Jolie says then is conclusive:

"In the back ground of this manner of life celibacy appears in fact as extremely rigid, anachronistic and close to bizarre.

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