Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Church in England to be restored by Catholic priests dedicated to Latin Masss, says Spero News [sic]

Editor: We heard earlier how Muslims are trying to occupy churches abandoned by the effete and ineffective types who generally control the Church in France. It's not like Muslims harass women or anything. We did see an SSPX priest take over a French parish in 1977, why not? Now we're hearing about a different kind of occupation taking place in blighty. It's as if the tabletistas have finally acquiesced to superior and more virile claims of authenticity.

The Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury, England, is in negotiations with the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest – a Catholic order that propagates the Latin Mass - to re-open a landmark church in the borough of Wirral. Located in northwest England along the Mersey River and adjacent to Wales, the church of Ss Peter and Paul's in New Brighton was closed by the Diocese of Shrewsbury in 2008 because it was deemed too large and expensive for its congregation. However, its side chapel was recently reopened to the public after a local campaign.

Now the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, a group which has experience of reopening churches, has expressed an interest in the site. Based near Florence, Italy, the order boasts approximately 70 priests and mainly concentrates on missionary work by running parishes and schools in 12 different countries.

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jac said...

I don't know where to source this information about the "churches abandoned by the effete and ineffective types who generally control the Church in France"? That's a tale.
Yes certainly one may find one or two examples of french catholic churches given to muslims and transformed in mosques: The churches are lawfully the Govt's property and they may be devoted to another cult in the case they no longer serve to the catholic cult since many years.
But, believe me, the muslims are very reluctant to use our former churches as mosques because they say they are too "marked" by the true Religion of Christ.
In fact most of closed churches in France remain so and no new cult is performed.
One may dream that a new surge in the vocations will bring many new priests who will reopen them in the future.

jac said...

"The effete and ineffective types who generally control the Church in France".

I don't reckon that those who control the RCC in the US or in England are stronger or more effective than the french ones in any respect.

Tancred said...

jac, I reckon you're right.