Friday, February 25, 2011

Theological Memorandum: Kasper - "Students" Contradict Cardinal Kasper

Editor: Rome is just as disappointed with the Memorandum as Cardinal Kasper, calling it, "provincial".  Really, it seems really infantile and moribund, like the ranks of Old Liberals themselves.

Theologian Hans Kessler, Eberhard Schockenhoff and Peter Walter insist: Cardinal Kasper's "Gotteskrise" serves "not only in society, rather also in the center of the Church itself".

Berlin ( In the debate surrounding the provacative Theology paper three students of the Curial Cardinal Walter Kasper have offered sharp criticisms of their former mentor.   The Casper generated "Gotteskrise" serves "not only in society but also in the center of the Church itself", it was explained by theologians Hans Kessler, Eberhard Schockendoff and Peter Walter, who published a common statement for the "Frankfurter Rundschau" on Friday.

In the Catholic Church there is a "large brewing problem, which is not solved by non-engagement and progressive silence",  so say the three Theologians. It may be hardly challenged "that the Church is in no way defined by a culture of freedom, like other social systems at least present themselves in the ideal".  From "trust in the freedom of the individual" t is only apparent so long , "as it doesn't pull out all the stops".

Kessler is an emeritus Professor for systematic Theology at the Goethe-University Frankfurt:  Schockenhoff [Moraltheologie] and Walter [Dogmatic] are professors at the University of Freiburg.

Kasper was "disappointed" by the Memorandum.

Kasper had turned against the "Mememorandum" of Catholic theologians in the middle of February, in which a list of reforms were proposed.  The Curial Cardinal had explained that the call for another inner-ecclesiastical legal culture is surely right, the past church circle is however in consequence of the divine circle does not arise in the first line of Church law.  The various questions are "the conviction of the Faith in the world of today":  in place of "superficial adjusting parameters of celibacy", requires a "radical renewal" of this belief.

In total Kasper had explained two weeks ago that he was "overly disappointed" in the Memorandum of the Theologians.  He missed in that a substantial contribation of theologians where he'd "expected more".  No sensible person seriously contests that it "makes an acerbic break necessary with the Catholic Church".

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