Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peru: The Rosary as an Answer to Homo-Protest

At the Cathedral of Lima a "kiss-in against homophobia" was planned, and about 200 Catholics were there in peaceful prayer.

Lima ( Hundreds of Peruvian Catholics gatheredd last Saturday in front of the entrance of the Cathedral in the Capital, Lima:  They prayed the Rosary together as an answer to a "Kiss-in against homophobia", which was hald by a small homosexual group only a few meters from the church.  This was according to CNA.

This was the second "Kiss-in" of the group.  At the first occasion, a few weeks before, they were removed from the entrance of the Cathedral by the police.  This time the Group had permission from the Mayor of Lima, Susana Villaran, who has already made her support for expressions of homosexuality known on a number of occasions.  Although this second "Kiss-in" was very heavily reported by the media, only eight persons took part in it, three couples of males and one female pairing.

As an answer to the planned and broadcast homosexual event there were some 200 Catholics in front of the Cathedral who formed a kind of human chain aroud the church.  They peacefully prayed the rosary and sang religious songs.

Daniel Torres Cox, who had come to the prayer, told ACI Prensa:  "We are simply here to defend our faith in some way."  He described the homosexual protest  "an attack on that which we believe and that is the reason why we're here in order to protect it."

Homosexuals in Peru "provoke us, because the Catholic Church represents everything that they want to destroy," said Nancy Freundt of Zentrum for Natural Family Planning.  "The Catholic Church is not made of adobe bricks.  The Church is made of all Catholics who understand and believe their faith."

A more recent poll was published indicating that 75 percent of Peruvians are against "homosexual marriage".  The Peruvian Congress even declared, that which is also in the Constitution of the Land, that marriage is a bond between man and woman. original, here...

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