Thursday, February 10, 2011

News Reports Say Cardinal Protected An Abuser

Editor: More dreck from the New York Times.  "Never mind the homosexual side of this, let's get the Catholic Church by continuing to cash in on the abuse-hoax."  Remember, it's all about manufacturing moral panic and diversion.


[Brussels] Reports in three news media outlets increased the pressure on the cardinal, Adrianus Simonis, the retired archbishop of Utrecht, who testified last month as a witness in a legal action taken by one of almost 2,000 people who have said they were victims of abuse.

The crisis in the Netherlands is another setback for the Roman Catholic Church, which has been struggling with sexual abuse allegations from Ireland and Belgium to the United States.

H/t: Seismo


Dan said...

The Milwaukee Archdiocese has just declared bankruptcy over the financial drain caused by the homosexual priest problem that has brought financial ruin and shame to the Church.

I'm sure glad this is all a "hoax"; I'd hate to see what would happen if it was for real!

(a gentle dig at our esteemed editor, from one friend to, I hope, another.)

Tancred said...

Homosexual abuse is relatively rare. After all, if Michael Jackson, Roman Polansky, Woody Allen and the entire Democratic Party, including ACLU Jeff Anderson can get away with participating in it or promoting it by tacit or other forms of approval, why should the Catholic Church be held accountable?

Fact of the matter is, with all the homosexuals ordained by the Catholic Church [who fear being outed, btw], your children are still safer in Catholic schools than in public ones.

That's the hoax.