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Father Schmidberger Defends Vatican II and Celibacy

The German District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X has reprimanded the 'Central Committee of German Catholics', not only for pharisaicaly demanding a  recognition of the Pastoral Council, but also not following it.

Father Schmidberger Celebrates Mass in Holland

(  Demands from some politicians of the Homosexual and Abortion CDU party in favor of married priests is against the Pastoral Council.

This was explained by the German District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X, Father Franz Schmidberger in a statement last Thursday.

The cited  principley from the decree on priestly education 'Otatam Totius' of October 1965.

Vatican Council II: Celibacy is Better

The document solemnly declared that the Seminarians must live "according to the holy and certain laws of their own Rite and venerable tradition of priestly celibacy"

Seminarians should be carefully prepare for a single state.

They were denied marriage by heaven's will and serve Christ with undivided love.

Still further  it is said that the Seminarian must understand the value of Christian marriage: "they should recognize the precedence of Christ's virginity".

Especially in the "present society" -- meant is the time of 1965 -- where there are dangers to chastity.

Seminarians are to be watchful  -- as the Decree continues:

"They must learn to protect themselves by various divine and human means."

Celibacy  should enable the future priest to "a complete mastery of body and soul toward a higher human fullness".

Old Liberal Mentality of Self-Justification

Father Schmidberger demands that the CDU- abortion politicians and the Old Liberal Lay Committee, 'Central Committee of German Catholics' with exclamation points that they obey the specifications of the Second Vatican Council and recant their Anti-Celibacy declarations.

Whoever demands recognition of the Pastoral Council in any discussion, must himself adhere to it.

The Society of St. Pius X has always declared that only a part of the Council can be corrected, which is in conflict with tradition.

On the contrary, the "Central Committee" deals with a "mentality of self-justification".

Father Schmidberger has the impression that the Council will be degraded to a "Decree Buffet": "Whatever one likes is picked up and eaten.  The rest goes back into the 'Roman kitchen'."

One such subjective method of selection can not be a foundation for serious theological confrontation -- states Father Schmidberger.

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