Sunday, February 27, 2011

Converting Mussulmen is Easy

Apparently Christians don't have the power anymore to be the light of the world.  The alternative to the Gospel"  Assissi-Meetings.  by Blessed Fr. Charles de Foucauld (+1916)

Blessed Charles de Foucaud

( It seems that the interaction with the Mussulmen consists in first civilizing them, then to instrict them and to finally make them human beings like us.   When that's done, then their conversion will be done practically by themselves.

Because Islam can't withstand instruction.

The work here in Algeria -- as with all Mussulmen -- to be performed, consists in the work of moral uplifting:

- to bring them by all means to moral and intellectual heights.

- to grow close to them and maintain contact with them

- to bind with them in friendship

- to remove their antipathy towards us through daily and friendly interaction in conversation and change their view through the example of our lives. 

- for an actual appreciation in instruction

- to instruct these souls completely in the whole of their lives and bring them up with help in school and college, that which is learned in school and college.

- teach them by way of daily and close contact, what is learned in the family.

- to become their family.

When this result is reached, then their disposition will be massively altered and their morals improved.

The commission of the Gospel will be easily procured.

From a letter to Fr. Caron in the year 1906.


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