Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Protestant Will Become President of the Papal Academy of Sciences

The main purpose of the academy consists in listening to the Pope's speech every year and nodding in a friendly way.  That apparently means it could be a protestant or an abortion promoter.  

Nobel Prize Winner Werner Arber (81)

(, Vatikan)Pope Benedict XVI has made the elderly Swiss Nobel Prize winnder Werner Areber (81) the president of the Papal Academy of Science, according to the Academy today.

The decadent Swiss Bishops Conference published the press release with congratulations.

But he's a protestant.

A Specialist in Enzymes

The new presidents of the Academy comes from the Community of Graenichen in the Swiss Canton Aarau.

In the year of 1965 he was appointed as a Professor at the University of Genf.

Since 1971 he's worked at the Biology Department of the University of Basel as a microbiologist and geneticist with bacteria.

In 1978 he was awarded the Nobel Prize with two colleagues for the discovery of so-called restrictions enzyme.

The Old Liberal Bishops Celebrate

The Swiss Bishops Conference celebrated the "honorable appointment" -- especially because of its alleged "ecumenical significance".

The Church functionaries maintain that the "selection of those who are academically active scientists expressly on the basis of their scientific and ethical service, independent of Nation or Religious beliefs."

The Papal Academy of Science was founded 400 years ago by Pope Clemens VIII (1605).

They assemble eighty academics, who've been named by the Pope and are from among the most famous scientists of the entire world.

Initially, recently the Pope named the Brazilian abortion and homosexual ideologue, Miguel Nicolelis (49), as a member.

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