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New Prefect of the Congregation for Consecrated Life: Old Liberal

 Editor: expect that the Visitation of Women Religious ongoing in the United States to be toothless, unless there is an intervention by Pope Benedict forcing his man's hand.

Erzbischof João Bráz de Aviz
© Cristina Gallo/Agência Senado

The Church in Brazil is on its last legs.  Actually, now a Brazilian bankruptcy is on the way that will also drive Rome into bankruptcy. 

(  Pope Benedict XVI. has named a new Archbishop João Bráz de Aviz (63) of Brasilia to be the new Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.  This was on the Vatican Press site.

At the same time, the Pope accepted the resignation of the current Prefect, the Slovenian Franc Cardinal Rode (76),  who had already reported to the Italian media the intended change at the beginning of the Dicastry.

The new Curial Bishop is himself not a religious.  He was in ordained in 1972 in November for the Diocese of Apucarana in south east Brazil.

More Diocese Driven into the Abyss

 Msgr Aviz saw the light of the world  in the southern Brazilian town of Mafra.  He studied Old Liberal Theology in Brazil and Rome.

On 6. April 1994 John Paul II named him as auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Vitoria.

Four years later he was asked by the Pope to become Bishop of Ponta Grossa.

In July 2002 he was named by John Paul II as Bishop of Maringa and at the end of January became the Archbishop of Brasilia.

In the last year the Old Liberal Archbishop organized the 'Eucharistic Congress' in Brazil.

Enemy of the Old Mass

The newly named is a declared enemy of the Immemorial Mass of All Ages.  He has never supported its celebration in his Archdiocese.

The Traditionalists will be immediately persecuted under his regime.

The present Traditional Mass in Brasilia is celebrated with much resistance by the Archdiocese.

The emeritus auxiliary Bishop of Brasilia, Msgr João Evangelista Martins Terra SJ (85) has put his private chapel as the disposal of the Traditionalists.

Mons. Bráz de Aviz is also close to the Sillonist, Neocatechumenate organization.

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