Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Justice for Abbot Joachim Angerer

Its true, he was an Old Liberal.  But that is only one side of the coin.  German translation of Jurg-Werner Oberlasser.

( The site '' reported something hard last November about the Old Lineral Abbot Joachim Angerer (76).

The Prelate was from   1986 till his defacto ouster the leader of the Premonstratensian Cloister Geras.

The Stift is located in the Diocese of St. Polten.

I know from my own experience that Abbot Angerer isn't only just Old Liberal.  He was also Liberal.

So he allowed without any ifs and buts the Latin Mass, Latin prayers and many ancient usages which the young men then wanted.

I am very convinced and can recall a corresponding discussion with him that he allowed the old Mass in his Cloister and in the incorporated parishes by implication. 

Yes, he is Old Liberal, sometimes in a strange manner.  But he is also a good man, who imposed no limitations against his conservative fellow brothers and perhaps also from conviction.

Those who supported him, either left following his resignation -- and that -- or wanted themselves to be abbot.

In order to support the abbot, they used the lever of money.

The odd acolyte service of those priests now condemned for abuse had often criticized Abbot Angerer.

But he remained powerless against his fellow brothers.

One had to hold these dubious priests in the Priory of Fritzlar closed in the meantime.  For in the priory -- why indeed? -- that too many had gone.

About the former Bishop Krenn of St. Polten, who attempted, to outwit him, one can only shake one's head in the face of such hindsight.

The idea that Msgr Krenn had been really conservative, no one could seriously maintain.

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