Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Consecration for Liberal Bishop of Basel Will be Possibly Postponed

Editor: some may recall the Bishop designate's controversial ideas.  Too bad it won't be an indefinite postponement.  Not only is there a disaster in his coming, but he's a disaster too, read here.

On the Ursen Cathedral in Solothurn, where Felix Gmür is to be consecrated Bishop, has been the subject of an arson attack. 

Basel (  The consecration of the new Basel Diocesan Bishop Felix Gmür may have to be postponed.  The reason for this is arson on the baroque St. Ursen Cathedral in Solothurn, the seat of the Bishops of Basel.

A 61 year old "Church hater" Andreas Z had put two gasoline cans near the high altar, poured them out and ignited them.  The fire department brought the fire quickly under control, in any case there is substantial damage.  Carbon will be a great part of the interiors damage.

Cathedral Rector Paul Rutz appeared very affected by the attack for his interview with the online edition of the Swiss daily "Blick", above all, because in eleven days the Episcopal Consecration is to take place.  "It looks bad", says Rutz.

The problem is not only the carbon particles all over the Cathedral, rather the film of oil, which must have settled over everything, said Rutz: "What is not clear:  the organ is not going to be playable for the 16th of January."  That is in any case not necessary for the Episcopal Consecration.  "If they decide in any case on Solothun, they can order a mobile organ," said the Cathedral Rector.

In case the Episcopal Ordination is not to take place in Solothurn, the Cathedral will have to be closed to the public for some time.  One would in this case want to do a complete cleaning and not only the traces of the arson attack, said Rutz.  The damages run from about 600.000 Franks (480.000 Euro).

Currently there is still an investigation in progress, which involve the possibility of using other churches for the Episcopal Consecration, says Rutz:  "They must be big enough, have enough parking preparted, the infrastructure must be convenient as well."  The decision where the Consecration will take place will be made by Thursday.

Gmür steps in to replace his successor Cardinal Kurt Koch, who has been since July an "Ecumenical Minister" in the Vatican.

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