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Celibacy Originates From the Time of Jesus and the Apostles: Cardinal Brandmuller

Cardinal Brandmuller: "It is a secure fact of science that at the beginning priests and Bishops were orained, but these from the day of consecration on family life continued, but not, however, the bond of marriage."
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(, Vatikan) The Bavarian Church historian and Cardinal, Walter Brandmuller has challenged Anti-Celibacy politicians of the German CDU.

"What makes them legitimate as politicians, to take positions on internal-Church themes, when they have neither the office nor the knowledge?"

This question was put by the Cardinal in an open letter which appeared in the 'Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung'.

Cardinal Brandmuller commented on a writing which was published last friday by eight politicans of the German homosexual and abortion CDU party.

Within there were arguments for the allowance of priestly marriage.

The Faith has failed, Not the Priest

In their writing these politicians made a connection between the priest shortage to the lifting of priestly celibacy worldwide.

Actually Cardinal Brandmuller refuted them.

He pointed to "the increasingly lower number of Mass goers and faithful, who receive the Sacraments."

The Union politicians were made to look like fools because for them "it wasn't only   celibacy, but the first steps back to an 'other Church'".

The German National Church is Shattered

The promotion for the German special way may lead to schism -- warned Cardinal Brandmuller:

"Are you aware that you are only part of a campaign that has been engaged since the beginning of the 19th Century -- and which is failed today.?" -- the Cardinal asks the politicians.

The CDU-functionaries have put a way of life in question, "those who are the overwhelming number of priests who are convinced and are living truthfully of their own free will."

Cardinal Brandmuller also informed these Union politicians that they are insulting Jesus Christ with this campaign:

"Priests who are living unmarried like the young Jesus do nothing else, besides making their manner of life like that of the Master."

The Priests of the Early Church Were Already Living Celibate Lives

Furthermore, the Prince of the Church explained to the anti-Celibacy politicians that the priestly celibacy is an apostolic tradition:

"It is surely scientifically proven that in the beginning married men were certainly ordained as priests and bishops, but from the day of consecration on, probably the family life continued, but not, however, the married bond."

That also goes for the researchers that even  an ecumenical Council itself couldn't ignore:

"It is therefore urgent  to express that this discussion, which we have already exhausted to tedium and  harmed and thoroughly multiplied the confusion of the faithful, be brought to an end."

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