Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bishop of Nice Visits the Society of Pius X

Bishop without a hard head:  He wanted to strengthen his herd in the Faith.  For that reason he went for some days personally to the homes of the Faithful, unbelievers and traditionalists.

(, Nizza)Bishop Louis Albert Sankalé (64) of Nice visited the priory of St. Pius X in his Diocese.  This was at the website of the Diocese of Nice on 17th of January with photos.

The 350.0000 population city Nice is on the Sea in south east France.

The meeting was part of an evangelization and pastoral visit, which Msgr Sankalé undertook from 11. to15. in the parish of the apparently Bl. John XXIII (+) in the old town of Nice.

At this opportunity the Bishop was missioning together with the Vicar General, Fr. Jean-Louis Balsa and the administrator of the old town parish, the black secular priest, Léon Pape Gnacadja.

Msgr  Sankalé visited with both priests, various cloisters, chapels and centers of so-called renewal movments left over from the 80s.

The three went to businessmen, barmen, market stands, artists and craftsmen.

They spoke otherwise to passersby on the street.

On the program there was a cemetary, a barracks of the Foreign Legion as well as a Priory of the Society of Pius X, that is located in the vicinity of the old city parish.

The current prior -- Fr. Charles Moulin -- opened the door to his guests and greeted them with hospitality.

The Bishop -- in suit, collar and pectoral cross -- visited the chapel of the Society, which is consecrated to St. Clare of Assisi, for the first time.

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  1. I am often in Nice and am a "guest communicant" when there.

    Few other Diocese in France are as faithful to the Rubrics for the Mass of Paul VI as Nice. Priests *very*reluctantly* give communion on the hand. While Mas is often celebrated "facing the people" it is with great dignity and solemnity. I have heard from the Altar homilies and sermons condemning indifferentism, abortion, lack of reverence, neglect of confession, and improper respect for the Real Presence.

    While it does not check "all the boxes" for my rigorist convert soul (from High Chruch Anglicanism), it is darn close to about the best I can hope for from the "modernist" Mass of Paul IV.

  2. I google this looking for the uncle of a former coworker. I actually know one of Bishop Sankale's relatives from work. The bishop probably knew Abp. Lefvebre at one point because his family is from Dakar, Senegal where Abp. Lefvebre was archbishop.