Saturday, January 29, 2011

Catholic schools add 20 days in LA

Catholic K-8 schools in Los Angeles will add 20 days to the school year for a total of 200 days of instruction. Los Angeles’ public school year has been cut to 175 days to save money, notes the LA Times.

With 210 elementary schools spread across Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, the archdiocese runs one of the largest school systems in California, larger than the public school districts in San Francisco or Sacramento. It has earned accolades for operating well-run, academically rigorous schools that serve many low-income students.

Parents will pay an extra month’s tuition. Charges range from $200 a month in low-income areas to $800 a month in affluent areas. The archdiocese will try to offer aid to parents who can’t afford the extra cost.

Teachers will receive a 10 percent raise for the extra month of work.

Catholic high schools set their own schedules.


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