Friday, December 17, 2010

Wikileaks Being Used to Beat the Church

Liberal anti-Church papers like Guardian et al will want to make these wikileaks into swords and clubs to beat their intended victim with.   Without sufficient analysis of the various sources, it might be easy to confuse the Garda with the good knight on the white horse, and the Murphy Report as an unbiased fact-finding commission made up of people who were really concerned about eternity, justice, truth...

The Vatican refused to allow its officials to testify before an Irish commission investigating the clerical abuse of children and was angered when they were summoned from Rome, US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks reveal.

Requests for information from the 2009 Murphy commission into sexual and physical abuse by clergy "offended many in the Vatican" who felt that the Irish government had "failed to respect and protect Vatican sovereignty during the investigations", a cable says.

Despite the lack of co-operation from the Vatican, the commission was able to substantiate many of the claims and concluded that some bishops had tried to cover up abuse, putting the interests of the Catholic church ahead of those of the victims. Its report identified 320 people who complained of child sexual abuse between 1975 and 2004 in the Dublin archdiocese.

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