Monday, December 20, 2010

Such Judgments Provoke New Tensions: EU Court Meddles in Russian Society

The Russian Orthodox Church is attempting to get human rights charges reviewed -- It could not be that the European Supreme Court for Human Rights (EGMR) in Strassburg should prescribe a homosexual demonstration in Moscow.

Strassburg/France (  The Russian Orthodox Church has called on the Russian Executive to cooperate in reconsidering a human rights charge.  The call clearly mirrored the December edition of "Orthodoxy Today" over which the anger of the Moscow Patiarchate was against that of the European Supreme Court for Human Rights in Straussburg which called for the alowance of the "Gay Parade".  It could not be that the EGMR Russia would prescribe a homosexual demonstration, explained the representative of the Moscow Patriarchate in Strassburg, Igumen Filaret (Bulekov)..

For a year long the Moscow city authorities had refused to allow a "Gay Parade" in the Russian capital.  While the organizers came before a Russian court with their complaint,  the European Supreme Court gave way to it.  The Court ruled on 21. Oktober that the Moscow City authority's ban against the homosexuals contravened three fundamental rights:  the right to assemble -- and association, the right to effective representation as well as the prohibition against discimination.

While the Russian homosexual movement considered this ruling as a victory, the Russian Orthodox Church criticized the judgment.  Such decisions are not only unsuccessful attempts to create social peace and to strengthen personal liberties, they promote even newer tensions as well, explained the 33 year old Igumen, who has represented his church since 2004 fat the European Council and also the Pastor of the All Holy Church in Strassburg.

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