Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shrieking CNN Reporter Accuses Dimonds of Making Death Threats

The video above is from Most Holy Family Monastery's video which is a meditation on death. It was sent to a  homosexual undergoing a "sex-change" operation by a DMV worker who'd discovered her/his intention and attempted to express concern by corresponding directly using the privileged information afforded by his job. The video and its contents were taken as threatening by  a hysterical feminist reporter from CNN who accused the DVD of saying that "homosexuals should be put to death". You may view the report, here.

It is hoped that the Dimonds sue CNN to death.

It's not hard to understand how CNN could hire such an incompetent and poorly educated individual to report on religious topics and to accuse people of saying or doing things for which they weren't guilty.

She further went on to say that the language of the bible is threatening when she unwittingly cited it when it says, "sodomy is a sin which cries to heaven for vengeance".

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