Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pogues Singer Sings Drummer Boy With "The Priests"

DUBLIN (CNS) -- The Irish trio of clerical classical singers The Priests has teamed up with former hellion and punk rocker/Irish folk singer Shane MacGowan for a recording of "The Little Drummer Boy." The track, also known as "Peace on Earth," was always going to be included on The Priests' third album, "Noel," but mindful of the success of the 1977 recording by Catholic crooner Bing Crosby and glam-rock star David Bowie, the clergymen thought a collaboration with another singer might provide a counterpoint to their classically trained voices. "Our management told us Shane was available and we were delighted by the idea," Father Eugene O'Hagan, one of The Priests, told Catholic News Service. A gifted songwriter, MacGowan, former lead singer with The Pogues and later a band named The Popes, became widely known for his alcoholic binges both on and off stage. His song "Fairytale of New York," recorded in 1987, is the Christmas song most requested and played on radio in Ireland and the United Kingdom. "It was a pleasure working with Shane," Father O'Hagan said. "After the recording, Shane asked if we could pray together and he asked for our blessing. It was a lovely moment." The three priests from the Down and Connor Diocese, brothers Eugene and Martin O'Hagan and David Delargy, started singing together as youngsters at St. MacNissi's College, an elementary school in Northern Ireland.

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