Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Only a Third of Americans believe that Obama is a Christian: Ergo, Obama Goes to Church

Obama Visits Marines in the wake of His DADT Decision

Washington ( idea) During his Christmas holiday to Hawaii Barack Obama went to Church with his family.  Obama, his Frau Michelle and both daughtetrs Malia and Sasha took part in a service at St. Michael's church at the US-Marine Base according to "Christian Post" (Washington).

In the past year the president didn't go to church while he was in Hawaii.  Polls afterward showed that only one third of Americans believe that Obama is a Christian.  In the past year about a half of the population was of this opinion.  Protestant pastors weighed in at  41 percent that the US President is a Christian.  In this year's Christmas message Obama recalled the origina and the meaning of the Christmas feast:  "It is the time in which we celebrate the most simple and at the same time, deepest gift -- the birth of a child, who committed his life  to a mission of peace, love and salvation, a mission, which tells us: we are all equal, and we are called to love one another.  We are the protectors of our brothers and sisters."

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But he goes to church to  hear a Muslim speaker at this "inter-faith" service where he gave a Kwanza greeting.

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JD said...

He mentions "the birth of a child" which makes Christ Our Lord seem like nothing but any given human child, then goes on to talk about a purely naturalistic world peace and how we are all equal. While I certainly cannot read the heart of Mr. Obama his actions and his words certainly do not point to his having a very strong, if any serious belief, in the tenants of any form of traditional Christianity, be it Protestant or Catholic.