Friday, December 24, 2010

On Thankfulness in the Christmas Season. Is Pray Tell a Catholic Blog?

While we’ll probably never know why, the liberal Benedictine blog run by our *friends* in Collegeville has removed the post on the blasphemous and sacrilegious “adaptation” of a traditional Catholic hymn to contemporary “lyrics.” EF covered the story here:

Scripture says that whenever a sinner repents, all heaven rejoices, so we should as well. Indeed, we must also rejoice in this holy season that the Holy See has held back the deluge of “liberal” “liturgy” that would otherwise ensue if the “liturgists” at Collegeville were free of Roman oversight. For a particularly horrid example of what they would concoct, take a look at what their Coreligionists have done to Presbyterian worship:

Having mentioned protestant worship, we ought to ask if Pray Tell is a Catholic blog. While Catholic Benedictines started it and are obsessed with the improved translation of the Roman Missal, the blog’s description does not use the word “Catholic” to describe itself. Perhaps it’s just a “catholic” blog.

So when a Lutheran contributor wrote about the last O Antiphon, should we be surprised?

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Tom Patrick Kiser said...

Just like it's a "catholic" university.