Monday, December 6, 2010

No SSPX Priests Allowed in Vienna's Cathedral Book Store

The New Book About "Hetzendorf" by Publisher 'Facultas'
Today a book was ordered in Vienna, that didn't just bring the local Archdiocese to snort.  The first drops of sweat are flowing.

(, Wien) This evening Heidemarie Seblatnig presented her new book "Hetzendorf and the Iconoclasim of the Second Half of the 20th Century" in Vienna according to neo-Conservative videosite ''.

Mrs Seblating has been a university lecturer at the Institute for Architectural Science at Technischen Universität Wien.

 Her book contains selections from nine authors.  Within the most recent iconoclastic attack on the Catholic Church is dealt with, which has raged since the 50s.

 The seminarian Michael Wimmer addressed the Iconoclasm as the rejection of ecclesiastical identity.

The Italian architect Ciro Lomonte asserted in his selection that the forms of expression in modern architecture do not work with Catholic Liturgy.

The aesthetic and institutional back ground of the late historical church building has been dealt with by Viennese Art Historian Inge Scheidl.

Under the provocative title "Altar Lights on the Firewood Crate" the Art Historian Mario Schwarz is also included in the volume.

The German Historian, Publisher and Luther researcher Gerhard Scuder writes about Martin Luther and his one of the causes of modern Iconoclasm.

Other authors are from the German Oratorian Father Uwe Michael Lang of the Congregation for Liturgy and the new Bavarian Cardinal Walter Brandmüller.

I Had to Wait Outside

Already the pre-history of this relevant and captivating book shows its explosive force.

The books should have been introduced in the Viennese Cathedral book store -- in the immediate vicinity of the Cathedral of St. Stephen.

Mrs. Seblatnig had won the Dogmatic Theologian of the Society of Pius X., Father Matthias Gaudron, as a consultant  for the book's presentation
Actually, then the Cathedral book store scrubbed the entire book presentation. Because of the Christmas business it basically can't give any more book presentations.

According to '' the old Liberal Viennese Auxiliary Bishiop Helmut Krätzl is presenting his new hate book against the Church in the Cathedral bookstore.

Mrs Seblating was forced then to give the book presentation in the Schottenstift in the City Center.

Note: Hetzendorf was once the hunting lodge of the Hapsburgs.  It's now being used by a fashion school.

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