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German Ecumenism-Bishops Don't Want Dialogue with Traditionalists

Fr. Schmidberger in his Christmas Video Address
Fr. Franz Schmidberger:  Above all the old who  continuously try to revive the  promise of the "Spirit of the Council".  That means that the Conciliar ideology will sooner or later become obsolete.

[]  The Christ Child is the King of all times and lands.  This was what the German District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X,, Father Franz Schmidberger said this Holy Night in a video speech.

The timely and even more, eternal fate of every single person is dependent upon his connection to the Christ Child.

Fr. Schmidberger called all men to come and kneel at the Manger.

With the Old Liturgy The Traditional Faith Will Return

With a look back on the year of 2010 Father Schmidberger was especially happy about an "increasingly sizeable number of young priests and seminarians who love the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass".

Contacts with the work of the Society of St. Pius X and an enthusiastic interest with it is a felicitous indicator:

"With the growing interest in the Liturgy there is also a preparedness to promote the Gospel without reservations even in a secular society."

Many young seminarians would like to fill, to reduce the faith with a purely human "improvement mission" -- explained the priest.

Although a return to the values of the truth Faith is for many seminarians a heartfelt concern.

"Meanwhile it is for many in the old generation, who steadfastly persist in reviving the promises of the "Spirit of the Council'  -- contests the District Superior.

The proof is that the "Ideology of the Council" will be obsolete sooner or later.

German Bishops Ignore the Pope

In the video Father Schmidberger criticized the disposition of the majority of the German Episcopate:

"Many Bishops are still completely prejudiced against the work of Tradition of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre."

The lifting of the excommunications of January 2009 appeared as far as the Bishops were concerned to be "not to have arrived".

"The friendly hand shown by the Holy Father is almost completely ignored in Germany."

The discussions with Rome stand in complete opposition to the situation in Germany -- Fr. Schmidberger says:

"Although there are naturally still objective differences, the discussions are being held in a good atmosphere of mutual respect."

The perpedness to dialogue by the Bishops of Germany have a large backlog:

"It also touches us painfully that the same Shepherds have not amended the adulteration of the words of Consecration, although the Congregeation of Worship has already proposed this since October of 2006."

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