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SSPX Superior Father Schmidberger: "We Are Happy to Fulfill the Holy Father's Wish"

The SSPX Buys a New Church in Cologne 

Recently Purchased "New Apostle Church" in Cologne
(, Köln) The Society of Pius X has purchased a new church in Cologne.  They've recently just made this known.

The Superior of the German District, Father Franz Schmidberger is "very happy" about the new purchase:

"It is like a Christmas gift, that has come about because of the willingness of our faithful to sacrifice."

Father hopes that the new Church will bring the blessings of the Immemorial mass in and around Cologne. [Where there has been some trouble getting the Mass properly available to those who have requested it from the local Ordinary]

He recalls then that Pope Benedict XVI. has expressly desired the implementation  of the Mass in his 'Summorum Pontificum':

"We are very pleased that we could fulfill the Holy Father's wish and hope for a steadily growing stream of the faithful."

The Society bought the Church from a man-founded [and presumably defunct] sect, which was known as the "New Apostolic Church".

It is already the fourth church which the Society has purchased in this area and the seventh, which they have bought in total.

Also the Society has built twelve churches up till now.

In the meantime there are fifty offices in all where the Society celebrates the Mass in buildings which they've converted to chapels.

A Few Preparations Make a Church of God out of the Buildings

The Society's new church was built in 1951 and was completely rennovated in  1990.

The useable areas of the building consist of  350 Sq meters.  And the property on which is rests is 534 sq. meters.

The pews could be made suitable for the Old Mass with the addition of kneelers.

Also pews could be moved in order to make room for a communion rail where the choir area is.

Finally, they must remove the dinner table and construct a Catholic high altar.

In the gallery an organ will be built.  Otherwise, a place for the schola will have to be provided.

The existing  space could also have, without much building expenditure,  a sacristy, living and sleeping quarters as well as a lecture hall.

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