Thursday, December 30, 2010

Communists Ban Christmas Mass in Vietnam

Editor: too bad our Bishops don't make our Communists this angry and fearful.

Vietnam...[kreuz/AsiaNews] Bishop Michel Hoang Ðúc Oahn (72) from Kontum in the central highlands of Vietnam may not celebrate Christmas Mass.  This was reported by the Old Liberal news agency 'AsiaNews'.  The ban came from the district's Communist authority.  That mountain people from the Diocese wanted to participate at that Mass, alerted the comrades to the celebration. Initially, there was no opposition: the ban came first on Christmas day when 'AsiaNews" mentioned that  Msgr Hoang Ðúc Oanh is famous for many conversions.  In 2008 and 2009 alone, he was responsible for the baptism of 50.000 of his Dioceses' people.

Original German at, here...


  1. What does old-liberal mean? I have never heard this expression before! Asia News is a renowned catholic news agency.

  2. Old Liberals are the freeze-dried generation of sixty-eight who have done their best to destroy the Church. Some of them are still alive, wearing Cardinal's purple and making offensive statements to the press. thinks 'AsiaNews' is Old Liberal, and they're not often wrong. I think might also be implying in this article that their news report got Holy Mass banned this year.

  3. Definitely one of the better which you 've posted on this blog.Keep up the good work! Will you post in future regarding Mass schedules?