Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Opus Dei Definitely Advocates Condom Use

It's not just crazy Jesuits who are at work undermining the Church's teachings, but Opus Dei members do advocate the use of condoms to avoid AIDS when the couples are married as Bishop Kung of St. Polten does, as well as Father Rhonmeir who is a leading figure in the philosophy department of the Opus Dei School in Rome, also see recent article in America.

They haven't exactly been hiding their views, but they haven't been getting any attention, but it's about high time they received some.

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Unknown said...

The 16 documents of Vatican II were pretty much ignored in its immediate aftermath, resulting in 45 years of experimentation and improvisation.

The message of the 42 page 2008 Vatican document on voting, "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship", was eviscerated by one clause:

"35. There may be times when a Catholic who rejects a candidate’s unacceptable position may decide to vote for that candidate for other morally grave reasons. Voting in this way would be permissible only for truly grave moral reasons, not to advance narrow interests or partisan preferences or to ignore a fundamental
moral evil."

I would imagine that many will feel that condoms have been authorized for venereal diseases, too.

Of course in many respects, since most Catholics have been taking birth control pills or using other forms of contraception for many years, the ultimate effect of this "change" might not be much at all.