Thursday, November 4, 2010

Famous Abortion Doctor Warns Against the Use of Condoms

Christian Fiala, one of the most famous abortion doctors in Austria: Condoms as a preventative aid is only partially effective -- protection only "from some" sexually transmitted diseases.

Vienna [] Surprise, surprise! Of all things Christian Fiala, one of the most famous abortion doctors in Austria, had warned on Wednesday against the use of condoms and in another broadcast he allowed that condoms as a contraceptive method is only partly effective. "They tend to lead unnecessarily to undesired pregnancies and therefore to terminated pregnancies," said Fiala. Actually his Firm Gynmed has noticed an upswing in the number of undesired "condompregnancies". According to an actual Gynmed Study (2009) over a third of all unwanted pregnancies (35 Percent!) occur, despite the use of a condom.

The abortion doctor further maintains that condoms actually protect from some sexually transmitted diseases but according to scientific studies of heterosexual youth there are no risk groups for sexually transmitted infections represented. The main risk group according to Fiala, are adult homosexuals, followed by adult heterosexuals.

Fiala had agreed to the broadcast because of the presentation of a study by a Condom Firm. "The study of the Condom Firm is great as an advertisement, but it is not in the interest of the young and doesn't serve for the improvement of their health" insisted Fiala to the gathered news media. The youth were questioned about their sexual relatinships and fears in the study. Especially erroneous is for Fiala the fact that It. study 27% of the questioned youth from Austria hadn't had any sexual intercourse. In other countries it was even above 40%.

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