Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clarification About the Pope's Statement in German Press

Editor:'s original title was "Condom-Pope Provokes a Sloppy Discussion.  So, they've taken this statement to heart and run with it.  We've never been real certain about where stands on a lot of things, but one thing, they've always been reliable about the information and news.  Perhaps this is one of those rare times when they're wrong?  In any event, the insult to his person will make it hard for us to justify translating their articles in the future and we'll certainly be more vigilant.

Of course, you wouldn't think that Father Z would be so shaken up, but there it is.

Slight amendation: here's Father Z's most recent contribution.  We hope you find it entertaining.

Catholic commentators are trying to correct the fact, that the Pope talked about a male prostitute in a weak-headed interview.  Pressesplitter.
Press Conference For Presentation of "Light of the World"

The decadent majority as a measure of the moral.

Swiss Television:  Mr. Seewald, do you see the Pope as having completely made a change of the Catholic sexual morality?

Peter Seewald:  "The Pope made it clear that he knows that the greater part of them do not practice the provisions of the Church, for which problem he foresees a need for reform:  "That is one of the greatest challenges. (…) That many have newly considered this area, so that it must be said anew again, is right."

Eldorado of Dirty Fantasies

"In the original Benedict referred to condoms in individual cases, 'occasionally when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be the first step to a moralization'.  In the English version, it is translated as 'male prostitute', in the Italian version it was clear that it was a [female] prostitute.  Now Vatican 'experts' are hot about whether or not this is a validation for homosexual prostitution." 

From an article of the website of the regional 'Südewestpresse".

The Pope and his Speaker entertain the idea of Transvestites

"I have asked the Pope personally if there were an important and serious ground for why he chose to mention a prostitute.  He told me: >>No.  The problem consists: that it is the first step, to take responsibility, to take consideration for the risk to the life of another  with which one has a relationship.<<  That means, whether one is a woman, a man or a transexual."

The speaker of the Vatican Press Service, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardo at a press conference in the Vatican today.

Being sold as private opinion  - but purchased as new teaching

The Pope wanted to make it known that he understands the realities and ways of life.  If for people in certain situations there is an foreseeable  need to use condemns, then therefore, this is can be portrayed as a "first step to moralization .. and responsibility".  Such expressions are not sensational, but what is really new, is that one has not yet today heard such a thing from a Pope.   I am very interested to know if Pope Benedict will further develop these thoughts, if they will some day be worked into the formal teaching of the Church and what they will mean for pastoral praxis."

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg in a statement to today's book presentation in Rome

Condom as a Morlisator -- is that a fact?

"Perhaps the Pope has had a new view -- what it doesn't mean is that one can accept everything, that he says.  We need however a more open, more sensible debate and more factuality."

Book author, Peter Seewald in an Interview with the Regional 'Badischen Zeitung".

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