Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Case David Berger: Homosexually Disturbed Braggart

Now he has finally had his short lived media fame, about which he can only dream as the writing director of the dust covered magazine he rode into the ground, 'Theologisches'.

( The fallen Catholic and self-adulating sodomite, David Berger, is once again on tour.

Presently, he's let himself be passed off from gossip magazine to gossip magazine.  This week, he was celebrated by the German church-hate magazine 'Spiegel".

The homosexually disturbed man named his price, as he explained for the hate-magazine that the old Mass had been the "gateway drug" to the Church:  "At 17 I was with the Society of Pius X in Lower Bavaria."

His present public problem with theological and spiritual superficiality was already by then a big problem: "What I experienced there, was the fascinatingly aesthetic baroque dream with gold leaf and pillow lace."

He wasn't able to figure himself out for a long time: "first it later became clear to me, what I had to do there, and the dream became more and more a nightmare."

Berger insinuated with this revelation to his homo-decadent double life.

Homo-neurotics are psychologically very consumed by self-pity, victim rolls and attended by projections.
Berger is no exception.

As a theological double agent he given stick  "much more" being put in a supposedly inhuman position -- he laid in with a round of wailing.

Then he played on the German heartstrings telling about the most famous politician of the land: "So, Hitler was praised in that he interned homosexuals in concentration camps where they died."

The dramatic climax:  "At some point, I just couldn't stay silent any more."

The scandal journalist who was following all of this took it all in.

Berger portrayed himself before the clueless public of the mass media as a despised primadona.

"Whoever wants to make a career in the Catholic Church must lately, since the entrance of Pope Benedict XVI be anti-modern"  --- is his misleading supposition.

He is said to have criticized the "rather progressive and left" church politics of Father Karl Rahner († 1984:  "So I could make myself noticeable."

Berger left no doubt then that he was from the beginning a liar and crook, and his double life went with a double moral.

Then he poured himself in a stream of braggadocio: that he portrayed himself as an "expert" in the medieval thinker Thomas of Aquinas and was invited by almost all "extreme right-wing groups:

"I had contact with the Sedevacantists, the Society of St. Peter, the TFP, Una Voce, Opus Dei and the Servants of Jesus and Mary."

These groups were very careful, who they invited -- said Berger and stands as living proof for this assertion:

"They have very noble accomodations, sometimes they stay in former castles put at their disposal, or they meet in fancy hotels."

Old men will then smoke thick cigars, drink expensive red wines and good food:  "It is a parallel world, in which one will deplore the modern."

The 'Spiegel' is only modestly interested: "And what isdiscussed?" --- the journalist asked, driving the discussion on.

Berger continued his conspiracy theory: "one talks about the supposed Jewish world domination".

Then he became interested in " the question, how the Church can allow woman's libbers, Freemasons and homosexuals."

Again, this homosexually insane man continued to contradict himself:  So he set aside his previous role as the poor homosexual victim and insisted as if for the first, that his perversion had been "career enhancing".

In any event he never made an ecclesiastical career as a little teacher of religion.

Actually, that wasn't what impeded the ne'er do well to lag in moist, homosexual daydreams:  "In clerical circles one can always who by making pointed glances, hugs, caresses on the arm and excessively long holding of the hands that one doesn't only treasure my work" -- he projected.

He laments his unfulfilled desires: "and insists that many prelates are homosexually inclined, and have surely offered their assistance to help with new positions of employment and assistance."

But in reality the religion teacher Berger will never occupy any other ecclesiastical office.


sortacatholic said...

Anyone who's hung out with the trad set knows that Berger's story is spot on. The SSPX is indeed a sick sad closet cult. What's even sadder is that rational and sane people outside of the cult have a much clearer view of their utterly perverted mix of anti-Semitism, virulently homophobic homoeroticism, and unhealthy tat fetishes.

Maybe you're a little reluctant to shine some light in your closet? Berger is the Wikileaks of rad-trad Catholicism, and we're all the better for it.

Tancred said...

We don't know that's the case, but we do know that there are homosexuals who don't believe in and often struggle with, the truth.

David Berger is not a credible witness, but the people who choose to defend him are very suspicious and probably criminal types indeed.