Sunday, October 17, 2010


9Spirit Daily] On Friday Nadine Brown -- who, stripped of her "mother" title, is now considered laity -- broke her silence to tell Spirit Daily she was "totally shocked" at the developments. "We didn't know it was coming," said the former Intercessors' director, who converted to Catholicism from the Protestant faith in her twenties. "I was called in to the archbishop's for a meeting at 4:30 p.m. on September 30, when he presented me with a paper to sign. It wasn't really voluntary. It was a legal paper and it called for me to resign from the civil organization and turn everything over to the diocese."

Brown, who turns 81 next week and whose group specialized in deliverance, discernment, and "spiritual warfare" -- described the actions as "drastic" and asserts that "I've never, ever been disobedient to a bishop ever." She said that out of the fifty, forty sisters have gone with the archdiocese and are now being housed in a monastery just outside of Omaha while 11 others chose to return home or are staying with her in a motel. The former mother superior asserts that the canonical lawyer "was not interested in our charism," disapproved of receiving "words of knowledge," and that on the following Monday she was ordered to leave the premises by noon without being given any means of financial support. She also says she was threatened with excommunication if she left the diocese -- although that may now be allowed since the suppression has nullified vows.

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