Monday, October 11, 2010

Philosophy Professor Says All Forms of Sexual Immorality Must be Confronted to Oppose Abortion

August 19, 2010 ( - Among advocates of homosexual "marriage," one of the more popular statements from Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling overturning Proposition 8 is that the state is obligated to "treat its citizens equally, not to 'mandate its own moral code." In an interview with, however, writer and philosopher Dr. Edward Feser pointed out that Walker's ruling is not neutral and, in fact, imposes its own moral code. He also called on conservatives to begin defending the whole spectrum of traditional sexual morality in the public sphere.

"If Christians and conservatives are not prepared to defend traditional sexual morality in general, then they are going to lose the battle over 'same-sex marriage,'" he said. "And that means that they are going to have to be prepared to criticize homosexual behavior itself, as well as sex outside of marriage, divorce, pornography, and all the rest."

"The other side is motivated by a moralistic fervor, and they frame the debate in terms of rights, justice, compassion, and so forth. That sort of rhetoric cannot effectively be countered except with equal and opposite moral force."

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