Friday, October 29, 2010

Millionaire Socialist Plunges in the Polls: AOL Hates on Eponymous Flower

National Public Radio
reports this morning that Tom Emmer and Mark Dayton are in a dead heat. Could it be that Mark Dayton's support for gay marriage [voted against ban in June 2006, support for abortion on demand and love affair with socialized medicine have made him an unsavory candidate for many Minnesotans?

Although some blogs were a little slow on the uptake, we're glad that they finally seem to be catching on to the fact that the DFL is your stupid, evil, Marxist party. That's something it will be hard for even AOL to spin. They accuse this blog of being slow to clarify. What's the clarify? This is an anti-Catholic attack ad. Even the Socialist Millionaire has said it was, and he's the DFL's Gubernatorial candidate.

Perhaps Millionaire Socialist Dayton's ten point plunge in the polls might have something to do with his party's sleezy attack ad that we first posted on Monday, too. We were right then, and we're right today. We're not sure how the Dems are doing in the polls in other races, but considering the universal displeasure about this anti-Catholic attack ad, we can't imagine it's good.

Incidentally, it was a similar event which helped precipitate Paul Wellstone's victory over Rudy Boschwitz in 1990 when the latter circulated a letter to Jewish service attendees pointing out that Paul Wellstone wasn't as Jewish as he could be and was in fact, not very religious at all. It certainly galvanized Wellstone's campaign and even caused many of Botschwitz's Jewish constituents to vote for Paul Wellfare.

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Unknown said...

I'd kinda figured that there would be overlap to other campaigns and other states on this issue, but NPR's report is even far more than one would have hoped for.

I was just figuring that if the DFL was fighting this dirty for SD 40, they must think they are in danger of losing. It's not like the incumbent DFLer there was a powerful State Senator, or something. It is a seat they need.

But we help Emmer to pull this one out, well, that may be cause for another celebration.

Tancred said...

They also refused to post a comment. Is it still Time-Warner, one of the biggest distributors of soft-core pornography and depravity on the planet?