Tuesday, October 19, 2010

England: 3 More Anglican bishops Want to Be Catholic

Now after Bishop John Broadhurst three more Bishops of the Anglican Church want to cross over to the Roman Catholic Church.

London [kath.net/idea/red] Now there are already four Bishops of the Anglican Church crossing over to the Roman Catholic Church. They are against women in the office of Bishop. The general Synod had opened the way for the ordination of female Bishops in July. The official Bishop John Broadhurst (Fulham, Suffragen of London Diocese), Andrew Burnham (Ebbsfleet) and Keith Newton (Richborough) as well as the retired Bishop Edward Barnes desire, according to information at the "Times", to make use of the possibility, afforded to Anglicans, to form special Ordinariats within the Catholic Church. The Vatican published an "Apostolic Constitution" in the previous year.

Broadhurst attacked the General Synod in the middle of October with bitter words: They are "fascist in their behavior" on the day in which they pushed the opponents of women's ordination over the edge, Kath.net reports. The 68 year old presided over the conservative group "Forward in Faith". According to the Times, 58 year old Newton will be Superior of the new special Diocese.

According to press reports numerous Anglicans are considering to follow them. The St. Peters Community in Folkestone (Southern England) had already decided on crossing over at the end of September.

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Anonymous said...

the Roman Catholic Church should welcome all sheeps who wants to go back to the fold, so that Christianity will become one and united once more as in the early history of the Church. pace e bene