Sunday, October 31, 2010

Archbishop Nienstedt Refuses Communion to Dissidents

[St. Paul, Minnesota] At today's Noon Mass, a statement was read over the intercom prior to Communion by the Archdiocese's Communication's Director one Dennis McGrath. This Sunday was Vocation Sunday and the Archdiocese has more students studying for the priesthood than it's had for thirty years, but Archbishop was not present. The Archbishop's statement was to the effect that only baptised Catholics who are disposed to receive Communion and in agreement with the entirety Church's teaching may receive Communion, and specifically, that Rainbow Sashers may not receive Holy Communion, but they were invited to remove their sashes. The approach he's taken to thi situation matches the description of him given by the Star and Tribune as "cool and collected."

Despite the invitation to symbolically demonstrate their concurrence with what the Church has always taught and will always teach, all o f those wearing the sashes attempted to go to Communion but received blessings from the priest instead. One expectant sash wearer stood beside the priest and entreated those coming to communion to give him a Host. He could have been ushered out for disrupting things more than he was, but he was not.

Prior to Mass, there were about a score of protesters standing outside. Their General, Michael Bailey was out and about, talking on the cell phone, directing his army of gray-haired radicals from Linden Hills. If someone had brought a bicycle, we could have said "an army of old men and women on bicycles".

Micheal Bailey Marshals his Forces, his brave Lieutenant already in Rainbow Sash

It seems that Sodomy isn't as popular as it might be. The protesters only managed to summon up a partial crescent to "surround" the Cathedral. They greeted people leaving Mass with a gravelly and half-hearted version of "We Shall Overcome". Most of them were over sixty and some of them understandably angry and insecure; their message is unlikely to outlive them . Perhaps they don't know that there are many other denominations which support their own special predilections and interests? There were about one hundred all-told who came to make their public support of buggery known.

Michael Bailey's Battle Hardened Force


Anonymous said...

You should really identify the location early in the article for those who aren't up on all the Bishops in all of the dioceses.

Unknown said...

Lovely and accurate report, Tancred

I'll pass it on!

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Great news!!

Michael J. Bayly said...

For an alternate perspective on this event, click here.

Tancred said...

Yes, aging, guilt-ridden, angry, geriatric liberal white people... how inspiring.

Even Oscar Wilde received confession on his deathbed after his wild ways caught up with him, by the Grace of God.