Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Say a Prayer for Joe Sobran

Editor: It's hoped that he's keeping in good humor through it all. He's not only a great writer and journalist, but truly one of the funniest men around; A man of great levity and humor, but also a very ardent man as well.

Please pray for Joe Sobran, Very Ill

A note to CFN from Dr. David Allen White
Sept. 21, 2010

My friend Patrick and I got word that Joe Sobran is in extremis and in a local hospital -- days left maybe, God knows. The good Fr. Ringrose will go there Thursday morning to give him extreme unction, etc., but we visited him today. I had not met him before, obviously because "literary differences" divided us.

Those vanished in the light of the immensity of death approaching and the bond of the Mystical Body of Christ. He is not at all in good shape. We thanked him for his good work over the years, especially for being a truth-teller about you-know-whom and for having suffered for it. We then prayed the rosary together. Patrick put a brown scapular on him (Pat gave up his own -- he can get another). I then read and recited Shakespeare to him to his delight and to his tears. "So beautiful!" he exclaimed at one point, eyes spilling over with the depth of the emotion.

Please send the word out. Tell all good Catholics to pray for him. He is in good spiritual condition and ready to die; Father Ringrose will bring him additional comfort. How odd the world should be so focused on the dying Christopher Hitchens (may God grant him His Grace to save his soul) but no one knows of this man, dying alone in an obscure hospital room in northern Virginia. We know which one is better off.

May God grant us all a good death.

In Christ (and meditating on the Four last Things),

The Humbled Doctor
(David Allen White, Ph.D.)

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