Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obama's faith assertion called 'politically driven' 'Too many black 'community organizers' gained power through churches'

President Obama's statement that he is a "Christian by choice" drew strong reaction on the Web, largely dividing responders into two camps: one supporting him and urging that he focus on programs that better the nation and another contending that asserting he is a Christian doesn't necessarily make him one.

"I wonder if our president believes God created the heavens and the earth in 7 days or if he thinks the Bible was fibbing," wrote griffin 76 on a Minneapolis Star-Tribune forum page. "I think I already know his answer based on his stances on abortion and homosexuality."

Added ceegee, "You can call me skeptical and a cynic, but too many black 'community organizers' gained their political power through the inner city churches. The church is a means to an end for people like Obama, Jackson Sharpton et al. Attending church is a convenience and seen as a way to network into the community. And one still has to ask why [Obama] attend[ed] Rev. Wright's fiery church for 20 years? I assert Obama's motivations for faith are selfish and political driven."

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